The Studio

Item Weekday Rate   Per Added Hour 
Less than 5 hours (N.A. for weekends)

$80 per hour
(min. 2 hours)


Half day (5 hours)



Full day (10 hours)



Optional service: Studio assistant (subject to availability, pricing upon enquiry)

Lighting equipment included in rental
1000W Elinchrome Strobes
500VS Elinchrome Strobes 600RX Elinchrome Strobes
Elinchrome Digital 2400RX (with 2 light heads) Cosmolight Brivido 655D
600W Profoto Monoblocs
Light modifiers
Elinchrome Octa lightbank Strip Chimera lightbank Small Chimera lightbank
Elinchrome Deflector Set Elinchrome Reflector Mini Soft 44 (Silver & Gold)

Elinchrom projector 12-24 Deg

2-in-1 Photoflex LiteDisc Bounce Reflector (Gold & Silver) 5-in-1 Photoflex 42” Bounce Reflector (Gold,Silver & Diffusion) Tri-reflector
45 and 90 Deg Silver Grid Reflectors Large Silver Reflector (with barndoor) Diffusion and Silver Umbrellas
Honeycomb Grids Barndoors Lee Colour Gels
24in x 35in Flag 24in x 36in Silk Scrim 24in x 30in Double Scrim
Pocket Wizard Plus Transmitter Pocket Wizard Receiver Elinchrome Skyport Trigger
Backdrop Paper (call for availability)