Studio Rental

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Item Weekday Rate   Per Added Hour  Weekend & P.H. rate
Less than 5 hours $80 $60 N.A.
Half day (5 hours) $250 $40 Advised upon enquiry
Full day (10 hours) $400 $30 Advised upon enquiry

Optional service:
Studio Assistant (subject to availability, pricing given when inquired)


Lighting equipment included in rental    
1500VS Elinchrome Strobes 500VS Elinchrome Strobes 600VS Elinchrome Strobes
Elinchrome projector 12-24 Deg Cosmolight Brivido 655D
Elinchrome Digital 2400RX(with 2 light heads)
Light modifiers    
Elinchrome Octa lightbank Strip Chimera lightbank Small Chimera lightbank
Elinchrome Deflector Set Elinchrome Reflector Mini Soft 44 (Silver & Gold) Tri-reflector
2-in-1 Photoflex LiteDisc Bounce Reflector (Gold & Silver) 5-in-1 Photoflex 42” Bounce Reflector (Gold,Silver & Diffusion) 45 Deg Silver Grid Reflectors
90 Deg Silver Grid Reflectors Large Silver Reflector (with barndoor) Diffusion and Silver Umbrellas
Honeycomb Grids Barndoors Chimera Screens
24in x 35in Flag 24in x 36in Silk Scrim 24in x 30in Double Scrim
Snoot Lee Colour Gels  
Pocket Wizard Plus Transmitter Pocket Wizard Receiver Elinchrome Skyport Trigger
Backdrop Paper (call for availability)  
Camera and computer equipment (additional charges applies)
Hasselblad 503W with lenses Sinar body with lenses Apple MacBook Pro
Manfrotto and Gitzo tripods