I had a great year fulfilling a life time dream to travel overland from Singapore to London. I blogged about the trip on

The trip has helped me clarify why I take photographs and I now focussing on personal work. I will still take commissions from arts groups who are like family and my collaborators.

For people who are interested in the Dance Me Through The Dark book, please click here

Awards & Recognition

Project of the week - Toscana Photographic Workshop 2010

Helen Day Arts Centre 2009

International Photography Awards Honorable Mention 2008

The Center for Fine Art Photography 2008

Communication Arts 2008

PDN Photography Annual 2008

Fotoseptiembre USA 2008

International Photography Awards 2007

Resident Photographer of Singapore Dance Theatre 2007/2008

Photographer of the Month - Toscana Photographic Workshop 2007

Digital Art Against AIDS by Action for AIDS Singapore 2006