An Introduction

The earliest inspiration for my love of dance was Michael Jackson, the king of pop. His Thriller album and groundbreaking music videos must have inspired a whole generation of teenagers. As a shy introverted teenager, dancing was the only social skill I had, and I probably frightened off girls more than I attracted them. But I guess that this was already an indication from those days that I was different from normal people. When I danced, I felt free and alive. This lead me to join the dance society in my university days which continued to nurture my love of dance. The year I spent at the London Contemporary Dance School, was the best year of my life. It was physically tiring and draining, but the ache in the body reminded me of being alive. It is hard to describe the sense of life experienced when you have had a satisfying session of dance. I felt that in the year of intense dance training, my body was just beginning to awake, but went back to sleep again after I left. Even though I have stopped dancing, I cannot forget that joy of living. The memory of the exhilaration drives me in all that I do, to ensure that I find alternative ways to living. And it is the memory of life, that helps me through the dark days of my life.

Dance brought me through my shy teenage years,
Dance warmed me through the cold winters of two degrees in engineering,
Dance brought me to my career in photography,
Dance helped me find myself again when I was lost in commercial photography.

The general manager of Singapore Dance Theatre invited me to be the resident photographer in 2007. I had just shifted the focus of my work from wedding photography to corporate portraiture. My personal work had remained stagnant for two years. By working regularly with the dancers of Singapore Dance Theatre, I became inspired to shoot dance photos again.

I started with what I knew best, shooting dancers in the studio and focusing on their physique. Then I tried to bring out their unique personality by taking them to outdoor locations and using textures in the studio that would add more depth to the images. Dance Me Through The Dark is the result of these explorations.

Dance Me Through The Dark is a labour of my first love, abetted by the mistress of my destiny.