Tan Ngiap Heng has a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a Doctorate in Nonlinear Dynamics. Both degrees are from University College London. His first significant move into the arts was a one-year certificate in Dance from London Contemporary Dance School.

Tan Ngiap Heng began his photographic career through his love of dance. Despite his engineering degrees, he returned to Singapore and started working for The Singapore Arts Centre, where he started photographing performing arts groups for The Arts Magazine. This spurred his career as a full-time photographer as his clients expanded to other reputable arts groups and organizations.

Ngiap Heng eventually expanded his business to wedding photography and was widely sought after by couples who were looking for his documentary style of black and white photography. After six years in wedding photography, Ngiap Heng moved into commercial portrait photography and has been photographing for major commercial clients including Deutsche Bank, NTUC Income and The National University of Singapore.

Despite his business focus on commercial portraiture, Ngiap Heng has always retained his close relationship with the arts scene and continues to photographs the performing arts groups. He is the resident photographer for Singapore Dance Theatre in 2007 and 2008. He also exhibits his own photographic work.

“Regardless of whether it is a photo shoot for a contemporary or a classical season, Ngiap Heng is able to bring out the spirit and the essence of the works, thus helping SDT to convey the mood of the respective season to the audience.”
Madam Goh Soo Khim, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Singapore Dance Theatre.